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“Keep Lookin’ Up” is an upbeat Pop/R&B/Funk CD with a fresh new sound consisting of dance, romance and inspirational music wrapped into one.  Inspired by 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond top of the chart music, this CD appeals to all age groups young and old and spans multiple genres. If you like good music, you will fall in love with this artistic and fully orchestrated album and all its nuances. Marc Angelo is a seasoned artist with a new approach that is sure to capture your heart!

Keep Lookin' Up Compact Disk (CD)

  • Price includes Tax & Shipping & Handling

  • CD Media purchases cannot be ruturned once the seal is broken.  CD Media can be returned if the purchase was received in error and the seal has not been broken. CD Media can be returned if there is a defect in the manufacturing of the CD itself, or if there is a defect caused by damage to CD Media in shipping. A scratch on a CD Media does not constitute a defect of CD Media in itself and cannot be returned or replaced.  Defective returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Before CD Media is returned, you must first call  724-547-5320 for authorization before shipping.  Once authorization is received, pack the CD Media first in a single layer of bubble wrap, then secure it in a 6X6 or larger bubble wrap envelop or in the original shipping envelop.  Address your package to Global Dominion Entertainment, 151 Alpine Road, Acme, PA 15610.  Your shipment qualifies for "Media Mail" and is the cheapest rate to ship.  Mark your package "Media Mail", then take your package to the nearest postal service for mailing. Be sure to notify your postal contact that you are shipping "Media Mail".  Return shipping if the responsibility of the customer.

    After completing the steps in the return process, you will receive a tracking number from the postal service that will indicate when the package is delievered. It takes on the average between 2-4 days for delivery. Once we receive your package, it will take another 2-5 days for you to receive a return or refund based on your situation and location.

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