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Global Dominion


Global Dominion Entertainment was created as a result of ever changing times in today's music industry. 

The goal was to stand up a company able to support independent artists in their ability to express and create music not based on industry trends and what industry determines as talented but rather on what artists feel in their souls.


GDE aims at taking artists from the inception of their idea through the whole process: formulating the initial idea, making a digital recording, writing lyrics, producing a product, finalizing and polishing the product, mixing, mastering, documenting,

copyrighting, designing, manufacturing, then coming out on the other end to publish and market that product. We do it all! Putting our heads to the grind with the artist we make it happen, all the while turning the artist into a true entrepreneur while working along side them with that same passion, the same integrity and heartfelt love for the art. 


It's a great place to be when artists are able to tell their story and when it is all said and done come to the realization that anything is possible 

and that dreams really do come true!


Keep Looking Up!

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